Cultural Swot : Cultural Relativism Essay

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Cultural relativism offers an opportunity for a panoramic comprehension and appreciation of cultures as if they were your own. Understanding cultures other than your own can be viewed in fashion similar to solving the puzzle known as the Rubix cube. The array of assorted colors signifies misconceptions, misunderstandings, and the mistakes of not being willing, or able to identify with societies other than one 's own. This can be due to observing one’s own culture with preeminence, or ethnocentrism.
Solving a Rubix cube and being perceptive of other cultures can be methodically solved in the same manner. While being hands-on, they must both be studied and examined from all possible viewpoints and angles before they can truly be, and ultimately seen, as whole. It can be intimidating and time consuming, and while it may seem to be a tasking endeavor, it is a feat that can be achieved after much thought and diligence. Therefore, within this paper, I will etically and unbiasedly examine a culture that I belong to, and emically inquire into a culture that I am not a part of, in order to gain a understanding of its ways and rituals as if they were my own. More specifically and respectfully, I will be examining infidelity and divorce in American culture, and identifying the receptiveness and impartiality of veil wearing women in the Muslim culture.

Part I

In the following section, I will focus on the occurrence of infidelity and divorce in American marriage from an etic…

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