Family: Cultural Norms

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Comp 110 Final Essay All individual families all have cultures of their own. Each child is raised in two separate, often competing, cultures. The one their family presents and the culture that the surrounding society presents. This semester, we have read and analyzed many different cultural norms helping me to get a better look at the culture that I was raised up in. Being raised in a family that is Christian, has had the largest effect on my life. Praying before we ate, before we went to bed and going to church on Sundays has been part of my families routine since I was born. These are things that I never thought much about as a child and have begun to analyze as I have gotten older.
I was raised in a Mennonite home, and, for the
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As a child I remember sitting in church and dropping a dollar in the offering basket every Sunday, right after my parents put their envelope in. Whenever I would get allowance my parents would help me figure out what amount was ten percent and I would put that in the offering on Sunday. The church we attended put that money towards dozens of community outreach programs as well as long distance mission projects. Once I started in high school I was able to go along on some of these missions’ projects. My freshman year, I went with my father to Honduras were we worked on houses, and provided medical support to hundreds of Hondurans with a group from our church. That summer and every summer through high school my youth group would spend a week of our summer somewhere around the country doing service and making connections with people different from our selves. These trips took me to Montana and Arizona as well as close to home like …show more content…
When I was young it was something that I never questioned and thoroughly accepted as part of life, to my teen years were I was questioning everything and trying to figure out why. Eventually leading to were I am now , as a n adult and being grateful for the attributes my parents have passed down to me. Once I was old enough to think for myself and realized that my parents really could be wrong the questioning of their values started. After I began to feel like I was becoming myself and figuring out who I was I began to realize how important it was for me to be raised in the manner that I was. In the questioning years I made some choices that were very counter cultural rom how I was raised and came to find out that there was a reason why I wasn’t supposed to do

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