Essay on Cultural Issues Of The Healthcare Series

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i. Identify and discuss THREE cultural issues entailed in the healthcare series.
1) The first issue that leapt out to me when watching Worlds Apart: A Series on Cross-Cultural Health Care; Part 1 is the idea of how western medicine needs to treat the dying in an intercultural scenario. Western medicine practices reflect the belief in the importance, dignity, and sovereignty of every individual. Because of this, every person is entitled to patient autonomy and self-determination (Samovar, 2010, p. 381). The reason this mindset can cause problems is because not every culture prescribes to the notion that every person is an island unto themselves. Many culture believes that families are an interdependent community with a right to be informed and involved in the decision making process. We see that clearly in this video when the patient’s daughter becomes upset when she learns that her father has decided to forego treatment for his cancer. When the western doctor first informed the Mohammad Kochi that his disease had no hope for a cure, Kochi’s deep religious conviction lead him to simply accept this without protest. Mohammad Kochi’s family however, who perhaps should have been involved in this decision do to cultural reasons, refused to accept this. From their view, the treatments might not have offered a cure, but they did offer the chance to extend Mohammad Kochi’s life, and that made them worth pursuing. 2) The second issue that leapt out to me when I watched Worlds…

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