Cultural Influences On School Culture

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Introduction The term school culture has been defined in many ways. Three factors influence school culture, such as; attitudes and beliefs of persons both inside and outside the school arena, the cultural standards, and the relationships that exist between persons within the school environment. Most schools have an ambiance or culture of its own and to the observer, it may result in useful approaches to make it a better environment. School culture is unique in its own setting and cannot be substituted between one school or another, causing the school to develop a unity that is characteristic of it and none other. Although culture proves to be beneficial, it can become counterproductive and an obstacle to a school’s educational …show more content…
One of the stronger parameters involves trust and confidence. Faculty members believe that co-workers do what they say and can be trusted (4.5). This makes for a strong work environment when you trust those with whom you work (4.5). They feel that there is always someone in the organization on which they can depend on (5). Morale is high because teachers feel their self-worth and know they are permitted to voice their opinions and concerns. Administrators are eager to receive and are very receptive to new ideas (4.5). Teachers feel that their ideas are valued, listened to, and used (4.3). Pecan Hill School District puts their teachers first. As the elementary administrator, this was my first year in Pecan Hill School District. The morale was low and teachers had little trust or confidence in themselves or the administration. Throughout the year it has been my goal to build morale and reaffirm confidence within these teachers. I have done this through praise, support, and providing my teachers with valuable insight and letting them make decisions that are relevant to their teaching. Reflection has been a valuable instrument used to reaffirm belief and trust in the school culture and provided insight on how to gain support and respect from each other and the community. TESS has brought about many reflective practices. Teachers are able to talk earnestly with one another and the administration on what they are trying to accomplish in the learning environment

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