Cultural Identity Of The Black Native, And Their Subsequent Dependence Of Their White Oppressors

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This brief article articulates the pull of cultural identity and rituals in native Africans, even if they have been converted or brought up in the Christian faith. Achebe tells of his own personal experience, and dispels the myth that many Africans were extremely distressed by their cultural identity, which he believes is unfounded. This personal experience based article could provide useful support to assertions regarding the colonised that may be made in the dissertation.

In this book, Bhabha discusses various issues such as hybridity, mimicry and stereotype with the overall argument that actually cultural construction is generally most prolific where it is ambivalent. Bhabha’s confidence in postcolonial theory, and its ability to contribute to political transformations in the real-world, means that he has become one of the leading postcolonial theorists. Due to the large part he plays in the postcolonial conversation due to his theoretical contributions, his work shall be an important part of my dissertation research.

Fanon uses psychological theory and psychoanalytical methods to discuss the subjugation of the black native, and their subsequent dependence of their white oppressors. This book is often used in a number of postcolonial fields, including feminism, post-apartheid studies, and postcolonial psychoanalysis and therefore will be a valuable resource when each of these fields is discussed in the dissertation.

This article could be considered to be an account of…

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