Cultural Identity : A Great Influence On How People Live And How They See The World

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Cultural Identity is something that makes people who they are; it can deeply affect how you see the world because it shapes how you perceive new things. And as a child, many people do not realize the impact observed actions can have on someone when forming cultural identity. How a person grows up can really change who they are as a person, due to the great influence that parents and caregivers have on the children in their early years. Not only that but, when a child is exposed to a new environment or community they can begin to do things differently than their parents and that can begin to change them. Cultural identity has a great influence on how people live and how they see the world. To begin with, the way a person grows up affects their cultural identity in many ways. This is due to the fact that when a child is born, they learn and observe their primary caregivers. The main job of most parents is to provide and care for their children; this understanding between parent and child builds a great sense of trust and dependence. Due to this, parents’ influence on children increases immensely. While growing up, children learn by example and recognition. They are very observant and are able to absorb information like a sponge; causing the parents’ culture, views, and values to reflect on the child. If they are exposed to something, they will most likely follow it in order to learn. Most children seek the approval of their caregivers, and this causes them to follow in the…

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