Cultural Heritage Has Influenced, Shaped, And Defined My Life

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My cultural heritage has influenced, shaped, and defined my life in many ways. My heritage resonates as mostly an Italian background, since both sides of my grandparent’s ancestry traces back to Italy. That cultural heritage can be exemplified in holidays and gatherings, traditions, and is evident in the close relationship that my family shares with each other. The Italian culture is best known for their love of food, and making family an extremely important value. Also, Italians are well known for treating the extended family just as they would immediate family: inviting everyone to social gatherings and loving having everyone together. Any opportunity to get everyone together is always seized and ranges from any type of event, holiday, or celebration. During any holidays, and for birthdays as well, my family always makes it important that we get together to celebrate. That being said, a huge group gathering means lots of people, and lots of food. Because of this, each household is designated to bring a certain meal, drink, or dessert. Italians take pride in food, not seeing it solely as nourishment, but life. Family recipes that have been passed down from generations are still used to this day; the overall favorite meal is our homemade meatballs and spaghetti. In addition, it is proverbial that whenever I leave any family function, I will feel stuffed and satisfied. Along with holidays, birthdays are seen equally as important, never going unnoticed. For example, on my…

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