Cultural Differences In The Domestic And Global Environments Of Asian Airlines

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Opposing cultures are the root source for many aspects in this life, whether diversity brings war or prosperity often depend on the intentions of those who lead each nation. Cultural clusters are increasingly expanding as time progresses furthermore, the incorporation into technology in our lives across the globe unites cultures as well as breaks down barriers. The North American cultural cluster predominantly functions on a similar basis, as do the European Union. Development in societies often shapes the progress of matching with a larger cultural cluster however, religious ideologies as well as historic cultural practices often sway how these regions fit into the global scheme.
Domestic and Global Environments that are in opposing cultural
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Asiana Airlines Flight 214 stands as an example of the vast cultural differences in the Asia Cultural Environment to the North America in regards to the aviation industry. The crash of this flight caught severe controversial attention due to the cultural practices of Asian Airlines, furthermore the mindset as quoted by expert Brian Gladwell “You are obliged to be deferential toward your elders and superiors in a way that would be unimaginable in the U.S”. (Gladwell, …show more content…
Many large cities within America have what locals call Chinatown, furthermore the immense trade industry of between the two countries enable the purchase of many traditional Chinese cultural goods within America. The social cultural differences between the United States and China predominately surround how different the two countries governments are. China’s communistic government style by nature of communism restrict much influence from the outside world, in contrast to the United States where the citizens experience far less government restrictions to outside

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