Cultural Conflicts In Lorraine Hansberry's A Raisin In The Sun

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Throughout this semester many different point of views were expressed towards cultural differences. Many characters were put through tough situations and cultural conflicts. Some handled them better than others. Walter Lee of the Younger family from the book “A Raisin in the Sun” is a very admirable character because he goes from the lowest point of his life to standing up for himself, his family, and what he believes in. However less desirable characters like Papa from “Farwell to Manzanar” cracked under the pressure of the cultural conflicts.
The Younger family was a very un-wealthy family who lived in a very small apartment on the South side of Chicago. They lived off one $10,000 check a month they had earned from their father. Walter
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Papa in “Farwell to Manzanar” seems to only be corrupted by the conflicts. At the beginning of the story Papa is a humble fisherman, a noble, loving, father figure. Then the attack on pearl harbor happened. Papa was accused of “fueling Japanese submarines” and was taken from his family. Meanwhile his family was taken to an internment camp because they were Japanese. Papa eventually returns to the camp but turns in to the most undesirable character in the book. Not only was he not there for his family at the start of the camps but he is not supportive even after being reunited with them. He threatens to beat Mama with his cane, rumors are constantly being spread about him. Most of all he is extremely unsupportive of his daughter Jeanne. He disapproves of anything she does that is not of Japanese heritage. Jeanne even exclaims that her life started in the camps while Papa’s ended. Papa quickly became a drunk monster who was almost unloved by his own family. He later try’s to make up for these mistakes through the making of his rock garden and buying the family a car so they can leave, but the damage was already

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