Cultural Completeness And High Standards Of Life Essay

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Western civilization, associated with cultural completeness and high standards of life, appears to be spreading amongst the world, or is it? This is the concept that is discussed in the article the West Unique, Not Universal, written by Samuel Huntington. The author makes a very clear thesis statement about Western culture not being universal and uses a variety of evidence to support this idea. This article has a strong very convincing point. The thoughts expressed in this article can be related to a lot of events throughout history.

The thesis of this article is that Western culture in itself is a unique and diverse culture, but it is not nor will it ever be the culture of the rest of the world. In order to refute Western culture universality two theories are introduced, the Coca-colonization theory and the modernization theory. The Coca-Colonization theory suggests that material goods are the essences of culture, therefore the spread of goods influences the cultures of other countries.

“Drinking Coca-Cola does not make Russians think like Americans any more than eating Sushi makes Americans think like Japanese.”

However, the Coca-colonization theory is misleading as the core components of culture is revolved around religion, language, societal customs, and moral values. The more practical theory is the modernization theory; this is the basis for the rest of the essay. The modernization theory is that since the West lead the push to modernization, many components of…

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