Cultural Competency Guidelines : Cross Model Of Psychological Nigrescence

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Cultural Competency Guidelines
Cross Model of Psychological Nigrescence The Black identity models are the models that I would most likely apply to myself. Specifically, I would utilize the Cross model of psychological nigrescence (the process of becoming Black). The Cross model was first developed during the civil rights era and contains a five-stage process in which Blacks in the United States move from a White frame of reference to a more positive Black frame of reference (Sue & Sue, 2016). There are five stages in the Cross model. Preencounter is the first stage. In this stage African Americans diminish their Black heritage and place a higher importance on White ways and values. At this stage there is evidence of self-hate, low self-esteem, and poor mental health (Vandiver, 2001). The second stage in this model is the encounter phase. In this stage, the individual has an intense and reflective event to occur that causes them rethink their past way of thinking. For example, events such as the recent police killings of young African Americans and the Martin Luther King assassination would be considered vents that would have an African American rethinking how they value the White culture and society. Traumatic events such as those previously discussed will send an individual into the immersion-emersion stage. The African American will withdraw from the ideals of the dominant White culture and become more immersed in the African American culture and start to…

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