Cultural Competence As A School Psychologist Essay

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Cultural Competence as a School Psychologist To be culturally competent is to understand how the culture of others effects and influences everything in a person’s life. From race, to religion to socioeconomic status, to gender, to sexual orientation and so on. Having the ability to understand and respond in a respectful manner to people with a multitude of backgrounds is to be culturally competent. The articles all touch on the idea that every school psychologist working with children need to be culturally competent to truly be able to understand the psychopathology of children and their parents. To gather this information about diverse students a school psychologist must take into account their own biases, the biases of different assessment tools, and using research tools and interviews to capture the full picture of their students. There has also been research done that indicates a cultural bias against students with different racial and ethnic backgrounds. This comes through in the referral process and with different types of assessment tools. Gathering the different types of information from interviews with parents and the children on the effects culture has on them. Also using the appropriate assessment tool and interventions will make the assessment more accurate, and give a fuller picture of the child’s life. Ecklund and Johnson hold the idea of using a child intake assessment for questioning parents and children during the initial assessment. The assessment tool…

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