Cultural Awareness In Afghanistan

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Practicing Cultural Awareness in Afghanistan
Culture is “the beliefs, customs, and way of life of a particular society, group, and place” (Merriam-Webster Inc., 2004). Location raised, language spoken, religion practiced, personal values and beliefs, and social norms of a society are all characteristics of a culture. Common cultural characteristics vary around the world. Some characteristics remain constant. Parents have pride for their children and honor for their country. Those characteristics make up our foundation for cultural awareness.
The Democratic Republic of Afghanistan is a country in south Asia that was founded in 1747 (Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center, 2010). Afghanistan is located north and west of Pakistan
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Not only do Afghans experience each season, they also experience each terrain type possible. Weather changes like these make life hard. People not only have to prepare, but they must have the funds to do this. Drastic climate changes also make growing food hard for farmers. Poppy farms have been increasing in number due to the plant’s nature to survive during a drought.
Structures in Afghanistan can differ quite a bit depending on your location. Mosques are very important to the Afghanistan people. A mosque is where people of the Islamic faith practice their religion. In these structures, you will be peaceful, quiet, reverent, and modest. Appreciation of one’s beliefs will gain respect from the population. Other structures in urban cities like Kandahar are in need of repairs. Most citizens live in conditions that need many repairs.
The capabilities of the country could be vast once the country rebuilds. War, political unrest, terrorism, and a bad economy have left the country reliant on aid from foreign countries. Many people in the country live in poverty. If the quality of life is increased, then the country could strive to meet its potential. Afghanistan is a democracy, although throughout history, it has been a monarchy, communists, and foreign governed country. Currently Afghanistan is working to rebuild its government. In 2014, the Afghanistan people elected the first president (USAID: From the American People, 2015). Through this
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The two main sects of Islam is Sunni and Shi’s, together the two form the religion majority of the country. Over time, the Quran has been interpreted to mean many things. This has led to the forming of different organizations. Many organizations like NATO, USAID, Asian Development Bank, World Bank and the Afghanistan Reconstruction Trust Fund all assist Afghanistan in rebuilding their economy (Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center, 2010). With this money comes the political interest from the donor countries. Organizations like Al Qaeda continue to form. The Afghan National Army is helping this activity become more

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