Cultural Appropriation Is Important For The Fashion Industry Essay

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Cultural Appropriation In today’s fashion industry, cultural appropriation has become an issue because designers take styles from different cultures without permission. Cultural appropriation is the use one’s culture by a member of another culture. Although people in the fashion industry have a right to express themselves, they do not have to expose Native American culture for their benefit. When people wear jewelry, clothes with Native print, moccasins, or the most common war bonnet, they have no idea the meaning of it to the many different tribes in America or even the world. There are many solutions that designers can be involved with, they just have to put in the effort themselves.
First of all, designers need to do their research about the culture they have “borrowed” from. This will help them know the difference between what is correct and what is considered sacred to the tribes. Second, it is important for the fashion industry to admit to the controversial topic of being culturally appropriate. Third, it would also be nice for the designers not to feed into the cultural stereotypes. Lastly, when it comes down to showing cultural appreciation in the right manner, the fashion industry could buy straight from the many Native American designers themselves. This allows the industry to expand and most of all give credit to the cultures that inspired them in the first place.
To understand the effects on Native Americans, people need to know about their background. There…

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