Cultural Analysis : Ethnography A Branch Of Anthropology Essay

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Ethnography a branch of anthropology is the study of a certain culture from its origin. This is primarily relates cultures and how those cultures function as a whole. Take for example, indigenous Australian members of groups which exist in Australia and its surrounding islands. Most of These tribes still practice their culture as they did hundreds of years ago. Ethnography basically takes this aspect of Australia and tries to explore it and tries to make connections to the modern day society. Now the main difference between a culture in Australia and its surrounding islands is that this paper is being written about gendered spaces around campus in Eastern Michigan University. However, culture makes a lot of difference on how the society takes genders. Most of the time in our society culture is what links us to think about genders and their roles. Culture has a huge role in the way we see certain males and females around the world. Over the years we have stopped trying to see people as different genders, but there are some places that are still gendered based. To find out if the building at the university are in anyway gendered I visited the Student center, the library, and the gym. Student center of EMU is mainly seen as a place for student to hangout, relax, a place to purchase food and quiet places to study. Here you can also receive services like, Academic advising, financial aid and it the school book store is also available. When I walked into the…

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