Essay on Cultural Activities At Latin American Studies

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Cultural activities provide an opportunity to reinforce the experiences, traditions, and beliefs of the Latino culture amongst Latinos and to introduce these ideas to people from other cultures. These activities serve as a mechanism to pass down traditions to generations to come and thus maintain the Latino culture. Two cultural activities that I have attended this semester that pertain to the Latino culture include the Midwest Association for Latin American Studies (MALAS) opening reception and the film screening of Chico y Rita. Participating in these activities allowed me to gain experience and knowledge of Latino culture, learn how the Latino culture is preserved, and relate it to the course material covered in Latino studies
The first event occurred on October 8, 2015 in the Bolger Conference Center on campus. The purpose of this activity was to kick off their 65th annual conference, which was hosted by Millersville University this year. The purpose of this organization is to promote education and research on Latin America through interdisciplinary collaborations ( The reception provided an opportunity for faculty, students, and respected MALAS members from different parts of the world to network. Attendees were given an itinerary of several research presentations that were going to occur over the next few days for the conference. Millersville University’s President Anderson also attended the opening reception and stated how he is working toward…

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