Cuba Reconciliation Act

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Obama administration has seen many changes over its presidency. many of these changes has fell under the category of foreign relations. as of now, there is a controversial bill titled, Cuba Reconciliation Act.this piece of legislation aims to build new relation among the foreign nation of Cuba and the United State by repealing the embargo placed on all trade. permitting in U.S. citizens to travel to and from Cuba .while this bill could potentially mend the bond between the united states and Cuba. the Obama administration fail to address the principle on which the united state stands for, by allowing and condoning a dictatorship by allowing them to trade will only bring about more hostile intent and opening travel will be putting its people …show more content…
this bill had some promise, with the idealistic hope that this could end the tension between Cuba and the united states, bring the two together and forge a new bond. but under these circumstances, this bill fails to truly take in an account, a relationship full of eventful history tied in with many interactions with Cuba leading in betrayal, ultimately ended in isolation. even though this bill has its flaw did spark the idea of the possibility that one day when the time is right a change would be brought upon, Mario Lazo author of American Policy (Dagger in the Heart) acknowledge, that one day Castro 's regime will come to a “swift degeneration and then collapse …. it seem impossible but the truth is that its is inevitable this would bring a shift to an opposite direction and the Cuban government would head towards free institution after year of long-suffering.” (417) but if this bill is passed to soon and the way it is it will prolong the reconciliation the only right time, lazo explains, when the friendship is based on mutual respect …. and the U.S has a leader that is capable of acting firmly and courageously …[with] pursuit of the country enlightened self-interest” (417). Unification the U.S and Cuba, in this reconciliation act, is not likely to happen, but the future could be

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