Cuba And The United States Essay example

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On July 20, 2015 the Cuba and United States diplomatic relations had been restored that were severed during the Cold War in 1961 (Britannica, 2015). However, the United States embargo still exists which makes it illegal for American corporations to do business with Cuba. The U.S trade embargo cannot be lifted without congressional appeal making it hard to remove (Britannica, 2015). The relationship between the United States and Cuba has remained frozen beyond the end of the Cold War, which makes it fascinating to compare two countries that were former rivals. America is considered a superpower because of its influence in international affairs, Cuba to the same extent has less influence (Britannica, 2015). Through the embargo that was established it has a strong influence on both economies that could further affect a countries success. Cuba’s economy is struggling as compared to the thriving American economy. Countries success can be determined based on economic stability of a country as well as equality, freedom and legitimacy of government. In this essay I will argue that the Republic of Cuba and the United States of America differ based on legitimacy of the government and the role of citizens. Differ based on economy legal role of citizens
In modern nations the basic structure of the system of government is set forth in a written constitution. A constitution is a body of fundamental principles according to which a state organization is acknowledged to be governed…

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