Why Is Playboy So Popular

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Playboy set to launch its very own cryptocurrency wallet service

There are several publications that have left a mark on history over the years – Playboy is certainly one of them. An absolute lightning rod for controversy, the original “American men's lifestyle and entertainment magazine” built its reputation through its nude pictorials. At one point in time, it sold a staggering 7,161,561 copies of a single issue – the November 1972 edition if you’re interested in looking it up. What’s helped Playboy stay relevant throughout the years is its ability to embrace change, both social and technological. From its jump into the digital space to its change in editorial tone, Playboy isn’t afraid to bend to new trends. Marking another step into the future for the famous “lifestyle” magazine, Playboy is set to launch its very own cryptocurrency wallet.
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The wallet – which doesn’t have an official launch date as of yet - will let customers to use cryptos to pay for the company’s online content. The first arm of Playboy’s business to work with the new the cryptocurrency wallet will be Playboy.TV. The online adult TV channel will allow viewers to make payments for services using

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