Crucible Cause of Death Essay

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English 11
26 November 2012
Cause of Death When we were growing up, we would do something to a sibling or another kid at school knowing that the person would react to what you did. We would bug our siblings or kids at school knowing it would annoy them, but we did it anyway. Or we would not eat all our food on our plate and our parents would tell us we couldn't have dessert. All these things we would do are causes of cause and effect, when someone or something has acted to result into a situation. An example of cause and effect is from the book The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein; when the little boy ask the tree for some branches to build a house, and the tree gives him branches to make his house. Every story has some sort of cause
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She lied to Danforth about not knowing anything about the affair between John and Abigail, when she knew there may have been something going on between the to. In the story Danforth says to Elizabeth,” To your own knowledge has John Proctor ever committed the crime of lechery? Answer my question is your husband a lecher?” and Elizabeth replies,” No sir.”(act 3 lines 954-958). This event leads to Proctor’s death because when Elizabeth lies and says her husband isn’t a lecher. Proctor ends up speaking up and telling the truth about what happened. After Proctor tells the truth, he and his wife are sent to the jail until they confess about being a witch.
The final event that led to John’s death is when he tears the confession of him being a witch. This event led to his death because if he would not have torn up the paper, he would have been let go and would not of been killed. But he would not let Danforth use him as an example to the rest of the town and let him use his good name to scare the citizens. In the story it says,” Proctor has just finished signing when Danforth reaches for the paper. But Proctor snatches it up and now in a wild terror rising in him.”(act 4 lines 677-679). This quote is explaining how Proctor tore up the paper, stating that he has done witchcraft, and how he feels about the situation. When he did this you could tell that Proctor felt as if he made the right decision because his name was more

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