Cross Fit Vs Body Building Essay

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Cross Fit Vs Body Building When people bring new ideas to the world society tends to either love it or hate it. Cross fit is a new idea that has become extremely popular over the last 10 years and has promoted the fitness industry tremendously. However many bodybuilders dislike cross fitters, there are some who have made the transition from bodybuilding to cross fit. Both being similar in many ways with the ultimate goal of maintaining a healthy lifestyle the foundation, culture, style, intensity and benefits between the two are significantly different. Body builder’s ultimate goal is to build, sculpt, and shape their body’s to look the most aesthetically appealing by lifting some sort of weight with specific movements. While cross fitters specifically learn and improve combinations of a multitude of skills, with the goal of becoming a well-rounded athlete.
Cross fit was founded in 1996, by Greg Glassman, a teenager that wanted to become stronger and better than his competition in more than one way. He learned that if he enhanced the 10 key physical qualities of cardiovascular/respiratory endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, agility, balance and accuracy he would be more than likely to outperform anyone in a physically demanding task. Putting together short high intense interval workouts with compound movements he was able to account for all those factors. Greg opened the first “box” or cross fit gym in Santa Cruz, California. Body…

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