Cross-Cultural Church In America

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Cross-Cultural Church visit has its own uniqueness it can be a beginning of a new relationship. In today’s time it is essential to be more contemporary in order to reach all people. Most church have different ways of worship, especially in other countries. Nigeria Church of Christ, in America, has services like Pentecostal. The only different is that they dance to the alter. The dance is a symbol of joy, this would be an expression to tell a person whom had not had the pleasure to visit or fellowship with Nigeria Church of Christ. To articulate another practice of Nigeria Church of Christ, it would be important to give biblical interpretation of what the bible says.
Common Practices. The Nigerian Church of Christ has the same practices
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To explain the significance of the operation of the services. Teach them what the bible says, and to teach them the proper way of interpreting the scriptures, which can be a lack of understanding of a person from another back ground. A church such as the Unitarian, that do not believe in the trinity; it would be difficult to teach them the truth. Although, God can place His love in man’s heart (Romans 5:5) to show love to the Unitarian is the key, also to teach them how to interpret the bible, hermeneutics is essential. The body of Christ is the membership of the Church (1Corinthians 12:27) . There are many people from all backgrounds of life and religious belief. It is apparent that a person continue the faith. Hermeneutics will give a person a better understanding. Although we may not reach everyone, the effort is important. The Bible says, “ When we take one step toward God, he takes seven steps toward us” (James 4:8). God will pour His Spirit upon all flesh (Acts 2:17). God will use His people to heal a person such as Unitarian even an Atheist- healing is one of the demonstration of the fruit of the Spirit. The ability to bridge the gap between the cure of the soul and the cure of the body was- and still is- part of their appeal (Cox, 2001). This gift of healing is one of the significance part of how to bring others from another background to come to understand the Pentecostal or Charismatic religion. The most important is that it will bring them to Christ

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