Cross Cultural And Cultural Psychology Essay

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Definition of cross culture differences
Cross-culture is an international issue that is important and critical for any international business or trades, it depends on a smooth easy interaction of people from different regions and cultures.
Cross-culture is important factor in the business world because if for example if an employee has to relocation into another country. The employee is required to learn the culture and language. There can be a few difficulties with this for example if the employee is working in an environment where he can’t effectively communicate with other employee’s. (Investopedia, 2015)

Cross cultural psychology refers to how cultural factors have the power to influence human behaviour. The major topic of cross-cultural psychology is emotion, language acquisition, child development, personality, social behaviour and relationships: family and social.
Cross-cultural psychology is important in the world today,

Common examples of cultural differences
The action for ‘no’ in most countries is done by shaking the head horizontally, but that isn’t the case in India horizontally shaking your head is the action for saying ‘’yes’
Putting the thumbs up is a common example to approval something in most countries like Australia, America and particularly Brazil. While in Sardinia, Greece and a few Islamic countries it is an extremely rude sexual sign or gesture.
The gesture with the thumb and forefinger to make a ‘O’ in western European…

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