Cultural Differences And Similarities Between Ecuador And Bangladesh

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The ways of life around the globe are altogether different and alike at the same time. Throughout the world, the way people live is based on their societies. Society depends on numerous things that are starting with one era then going onto the next. Cultural differences and similarities can be identified through their cultures, values, stereotypes, and communication. A culture can be easily described through these modules. There is no right or wrong when it comes to cultural differences. Every culture should be respected regardless of their differences. There are many cultural differences between Ecuador and Bangladesh, but there are many other things that make them similar.
Artifact When it comes to beliefs, the first thing people think of is religion. Religion is a major portion of a society. Society and Culture are bound together by curtain codes of behavior and often religion gives codes of conducts for society, for example, the Ten Commandments. The main religion in Bangladesh is Islam and most of them are Sunnis, whereas people in Ecuador are primarily Roman Catholic, a
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They shake hands with direct eye contact. Women are supposed to stand tall and have confidence when talking. Some females would kiss and hug people in their first meeting, whereas others will just offer their hands. Body movement and facial expressions are essential to communicate in Ecuador. Sometime words cannot express the true meaning. Some Ecuadorian people like to have their personal space while other seems to avoid it. These different gestures and body movements make communication easier and understandable. All countries have their own cultures and values. There are some things that are very closely related to our own, while other things are completely different. One of the biggest differences in Ecuador and Bangladesh is religion; however they almost share the similar values, stereotypes, and

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