Crocs Supply Chain Essay

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1. What are Crocs core competencies?

* Highly flexible supply chain * Innovative and proprietary material: crosslite * Innovative product development * Efficient manufacturing processes that allows the company to produce more than 250 styles of shoes * Global Marketing & Distribution; the company is selling its products in 125 countries

2. How do they exploit these competencies in the future? Consider the following alternatives:

a. Further integration into materials

Crocs has taken advantage of its manufacturing capabilities to add more variety to its products by incorporating traditional materials such as fabrics and leather into many of their styles.

The company should explore creating
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The company has a highly flexible supply chain which allows it to:

* Build additional products to fulfill new orders quickly within the same season * Fast response to unexpected high consumer demand * Fulfill retailers needs

* Explosive growth: * Exceeding earnings * Increasing stock price * Superior financial performance * Phenomenal growth from 2003 thru 2006


* 2002 – Founded Crocs as a distributor of foam clog shoes manufactured in Canada by Finproject NA to sailing enthusiasts in Florida * June 2004 – Ronald Snyder joined the company and became CEO in Jan 05 * June 2004 – Crocs purchased Finproject NA and renamed it Foam Creations * 2005 – Crocs is launched worldwide * Feb 2006 – Crocs IPO with initial market capitalization of over $1 billion * Oct 2006 – Purchased Fury, manufacturer of hockey and lacrosse products * Oct 2006 – Acquired EXO Italia, a designer ethylene vinyl acetate products * Dec 2006 – Purchased Jibbitz, a family owned company that made decorative inserts for crocs * Apr 2007 – The company

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