Essay about Critique on Is Your Job an Endangered Species

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Gabreille Montez
Mr. Shelley
ENGL 102
28 September 2013 Technology taking over job opportunity In “Is Your Job an Endangered Species?” Andy Kessler effectively organizes his work by using different grouping skills. He introduces his idea by grabbing the attention of his audience; however, his informal tone isolates his audience. Kessler writes to persuade the reader on his belief that the advancement in technology is negatively impacting the job industry by replacing thousands of everyday jobs. He cynically groups workers into two types: Creators, “ones driving productivity”(Kessler 331); and servers, “ones who provide services to creators”(Kessler 311). He depicts servers in a very negative connotation that
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Kessler goes into detail of the many different “server” categories there are by giving a productive guide. He divides the service-economy into 5 categories, than provides an explanation and example for each. The guide is a great organization strategy that makes it easy for readers to understand Kessler’s information. He concludes his article by restating his beliefs and describing how they will tie into the future, stating, “we are at the beginning of a decades-long trend” (Kessler332). This Conclusion wraps up his persuasive article nicely and demands the reader to think about how the idea of job replacement and loss will be an issue of the future. The author uses minimal transitional phrases throughout his article, which are a downfall to his organization. These phrases are essential in a smooth flowing article. Without enough transition phrases it causes the author’s work to sound choppier than intended.
Tone Effectiveness The purpose of this article is to persuay readers on the author’s belief. This article was published in the wall Street Journal; therefore the reader can infer it has a very formal audience that consists of many business-oriented people. This results in a very professional tone throughout the article; however many informal words in his writing that appeal negatively to the readers emotion. In the body of

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