Critique Of To Kill A Mockingbird

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The book that I will be reviewing is called To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee. This book was originally published on July 11th, 1960 and became a big success upon its release, winning a Pulitzer prize immediately after its publishing. The book takes place around the era of depression and also during the times of when racial prejudice is still high at the time. This book got my attention as it discussed the life of everyday life in the eyes of a child in a racial society and I was intrigued by the thought a having a child in this type of society.
The story starts off in the setting of Maycomb, Alabama and we see the world through the eyes of our main protagonist, Jean Louise “Scout” Finch. She lives with her father Atticus, who is a respected
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Atticus takes on the side of Tom Robinson, the African American accused of rape and pledges that the man is innocent. The opposing side consisted of the rape victim Mayella Ewell and their defendant. The Ewells were known for being a trashy and racist family in the community. For defending a black man, Atticus faced threats and hate from the crowd of people, but he wanted to expose the truth on how whites can persecute anyone based on their skin color. He sided with Tom Robinson to show the indecency in the human people when it comes to racial ideas especially in the justice system. Although he knew that the juries wouldn’t choose a black man over a white women, he would try his hardest to prove his point of how bigotry the white society is to a racial society. This case starts to bleed into the family as Jem and Scout face threats from their peers at school and even in their own family. The threats escalate to school and temper shows “When Cecil Jacobs tells her ".....Scout Finch 's daddy defends niggers.." she clenches her fists and threatens him”(74). This exposes how early ages of children can harass others for something not pertaining to them such as Scout’s father taking on the case. It affects both Atticus’s and his children’s reputation in a negative way. As the case escalates towards a verdict, Atticus is able to prove a point that Tom Robinson is disabled in his left hand and that Mayella’s bruise was on the right side of her face. It was clear that Tom Robinson couldn’t have done such damage, but the jurors didn’t care for that. They weren’t going to choose a black man over a white women and that was that. They found Tom Robinson guilty of his crimes and sent him to life in a prison. This impacted Atticus’s family and their perspective on the community they once knew. Jem went out of the court and cried helplessly at how unfair the verdict was. He knew

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