Essay about Criticisms Of Schools And Districts Across The Nation

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Criticisms of schools and districts across the nation are endless. As an educator who advocates for progressive schools and less traditional teaching strategies, having the ability to dictate details of my own utopian school district seemed like a fun, easy challenge—until I started trying to type. Running a whole school district entails a vast number of responsibilities and details to consider. This is one of the reasons I have zero interest in pursuing an administrative role. However, like the loose guidelines of this assignment, I’m also attempting to loosely describe my ideal district. One challenge I faced with this vision is my limited exposure to buildings or grade levels other than secondary. I can easily discuss plans for a high school, but envisioning the ideal district forces me to think beyond my comfort zone into a realm I admittedly know little about. Therefore, my utopian school district description will focus on my general belief in educating the whole student.
My utopian school district would focus on individual students and their own specific needs. The system would run similar to that of an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) like special education students currently have in place. When I think about the attention IEPs place on students’ needs and goals, it only makes sense that the perfect school district would utilize such plans for all. However, the IEP process requires a great deal of time and effort. To have IEPs for all students, districts would…

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