Critical Thinking Underpins Critical Theory Essay

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We can daydream and think about miscellaneous ideas and theories a great deal, however in order to comprehend, compromise, reflect and evaluate fundamental ideas and theories, it is required to break down information through cognitive skills. By doing so, this results in exercising ones critical thinking abilities. Within this essay, the concept of critical thinking – underpinned by critical theory, will demonstrate and explain how this approach would be of assistance to researchers and educators within an early childhood setting and when dilemmas arise within the setting. Amongst these concepts, ethics, ethical considerations, sensitivity and research will be weaved throughout.
The concept of critical thinking underpins critical theory. Carol Mutch (2005) defines critical theory as “a theoretical approach that aims to uncover and seek redress for disadvantaged or silenced groups” (p. 217). Going deeper, critical theory can be
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In order to understand ethics one must understand the underpinning to ethics, which are morals. The term morals have the same underlying principles for all cultures. Morals can be defined as a scheme of principles, which govern the way humans behave and act within their roles inside society. Therefore, ethics can now be understood as living within appropriate means and having harmonious relationships that are underpinned by the moral responsibilities and understandings of what is right and wrong (Grant & Riley, 1991, cited in Podmore, 2006). Going back to ethical frameworks, the frameworks guide our discourses and the pathways chosen in relation to the way people are treated - especially within the education sector when it comes to conducting educational research such as Critical theory research. In short, the use of ethics supports and protects people and ensures one is obligated to their rights. NO FLOW

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