Critical Thinking Exercise At The United States Census Bureau

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Critical Thinking Exercise After acquiring data from two major criminal justice data sources, the Uniform Crime Report (UCR) and from the United States Census Bureau. I determined that based on 10 cities with populations that are higher than 250,000. Of those, 5 cities being high crime rate cities, and 5 cities being low crime rate cities. I gathered and analyzed the data of their demographics, characteristics, and that of police officers per thousands of citizens. I concluded that some of the variables showed a possible relationship to the high or low crime rates, while other variables showed no concrete evidence of cause and effect. My focus was on various variables that I considered to be important to why violent crime may exist in some parts of the county and not in others. I looked into peoples finances, living situation, education levels, racial makeup, poverty rates, population per square mile, and rate of college graduates. Based on the data I gathered, I was unable to definitively link most variables as the cause of low or high violent crime rates. The data gave me mostly inconclusive evidence and showed me no major patterns. However, I was able to determine a few variable that seemed to be evident in most high crime rate cities. As for the relationship between the number of officers and high or low crime rates, the data uncovered an unexpected find. That find was that more cops per 1,000 of the population doesn 't necessarily mean safer streets as one…

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