Critical Risk Assessment

5 - Critical Risk Assessment

5.1 Risk: Lack of Funding There is a high probability of a lack of funding for the Observation Tower. The impact that a lack of funding would have on the project would prevent, or delay, construction of the tower. However, a lack of funding for the tower is not critical to the other projects, except possibly the Trail Team. Factors for a lack of funding are no start-up funds and a withdrawal of donors for the tower. The plan of action for this risk is to explore cheaper design options. 5.2 Risk: Soil Quality There is a medium to low possibility for the location of the observation tower have a poor soil quality, which would also cause the tower to have a low-quality foundation. The impact that this risk
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Zenda staff will likely develop a monthly, or some other schedule, and timeline of completion that the engineers and contractors will have to follow.
7.4 Project Reporting and Communication
The first step in the process is to acquire a design created by a professional engineer, that is based on the design that was provided by the HP200 class. Zenda staff will need to work with the design engineer to determine if the design that was developed by the HP200 class is structurally sound, intuitive to their needs, and otherwise viable.
7.5 Metrics Collection
There will be multiple ways to collect data on visitors to the observation tower. One option would be to have a sign-in notebook that people can write their names, or whatever else they want, in. There could also be leaflets and pamphlets available to be taken, and the amount that is left over would give a rough estimate of how many visitors to the tower there were. Also, there could be coin-operated binoculars, that would be able to collect the money of the tower visitors who choose to pay for a closer-up view of the farm; this would once again give a rough estimate of how many people visited the

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