Critical Review Of Zombie March By Brynn Macnabb

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Zombie March.
The Review.
ENG 1102
Unit 2.
14 September 2017
The University of the People (UoPeople), AY-2017-2018.

This review is a critical summary of the story Zombie March written by Brynn MacNabb and published by the Flash Fiction in October 2012. The purpose of this review is to create a synthesis using the story as thesis and construct an antithesis challenging the author’s view of what is real or unreal, what is science fiction or normal imagination. The review seeks to answer some critical research questions as presented in this paper. What is the title of the text and what is the text about?
The title of the story is Zombie March and it is about a woman, Amber Riley, whose husband died in the war front.
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Time went past. Amber, fearless, and always armed with a gun, now lived alone with a dog. One morning, her dead husband return home. In a horrific deceased body condition. Amber refuses to open the door. She peeps through a screen to see him. He spoke with her, telling her, he promised to return home and that he has always kept his promises (MacNabb, 2012, para. 4). Amber’s reply was “I am not coming with you”. She added, “Death has done us part. You keep on walking out of here” (MacNabb, 2012, para. 5). She was with a gun. Her dead husband knew she means what she said. He, therefore, disappointedly walked away to commit suicide by self-mutilation. The rising from the dead by her husband was signaled by other dead people who then wake up to be zombies. However, re-killing him—unknown to Amber—triggers a Zombie March. The dead, starting visiting her with an intent to speak with her and …show more content…
How do I know?
The Authors view in this scenario is imaginary. That Zombie can speak, think and even shows concerns.Even the idea that the dead can wake up to life, is tied to imagination. A walking dead is only seen in films. I knew this because the story will gain more ground if it were to be a science fiction story or a film.

What is the evidence presented by the author to support ideas?
An evidence that supported the Authors’ idea was that Amber’s husband woke up from the dead despite the decaying and ruining body condition. That he walks back home to fulfill his promise. Other evidence is that zombies then visited and had a conversation with Amber. That the dead husband re-killed himself because he has lost hope. These are in real life pure imaginations.

Is the evidence valid? How do I know?
The validity of the evidence depends on what perspective we are viewing the story. If the story were a science fiction trilogy, all evidence would be valid. However, in contradiction to my imagination of what I understand to be zombies, the evidence will be liquidized to invalid. My taught about zombies were that they are flesh eaters and they love the smell of blood.

Is the evidence relevant? How do I

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