Critical Race Theory Lewis Mccoy Essay

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Along the lines of Critical Race Theory Lewis-McCoy also offers us a race-based explanation for the inequality found in the results of minority students. He observed that black children grow up seeing the race-related barriers that black adults have faced. these barriers then signal to the children that the traditional opportunity system is not open to blacks. Black youths then increase their sense of racial allegiance and solidarity. They often become disengaged from school, because they recognize school as a vehicle of mobility, but one that is exclusive to whites and not for blacks (Lewis-McCoy, 2014). This mentality in black students psychological can bar minority students from reaching their potential and serves as yet another barrier to learning.
Notable Economist and Senior Fellow at Stanford’s Hoover Institution, Dr. Thomas Sowell offers us a more blunt characterization of why cultural barriers perpetuate inequalities in minority populations. He stated that, “if Asian children are more likely to catch grief from their parents when they bring home report cards with B’s than black children are when they bring home report cards with C’s, then do not be surprised if Asian youngsters end up with higher grade point averages in school and higher test scores after years of such differences. It would be astonishing if it were otherwise” (Sowell, 2000).
So now that we have explored structural and cultural explanations, we should evaluate two expansive attempts by the federal…

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