Critical Race And Conflict Theory Analysis Essay

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Critical Race and Conflict Theory Critical race theory focuses on the fact that racism is a normal part of American society rather than an anomaly (Marx, 2008). It is something so entrenched in society and the institutions that uphold it, that it seems normal to people in the American culture (Harrell & Pezeshkian, 2008). This can be seen in the use of microaggressions. Microaggerssions are brief everyday nonverbal and verbal slights sent to people of color unconsciously by white people, who do not understand the message they are communicating (Harrell & Pezeshkian, 2008).
The notion of colorblindness is also an important aspect of critical race theory (Marx, 2008). Critical race theory purports that the notion of colorblindness in the legal system is simply a masquerade for the power and privilege of the dominate culture that is still at play (Marx, 2008). This only further perpetuates the inequalities afforded to people of color and slows down the process of gaining equality in our society (Marx, 2008). Critical race theory also suggest, that legal changes towards racial equality only occur when it will in some way benefit the dominate culture (Marx, 2008). This was coined interest convergence (Harrell & Pezeshkian, 2008). An example of interest convergence, can be seen when looking at how affirmative action did more to progress women of the dominate culture than it did both men and women of color (Marx, 2008). This showed in small part the inherent rights that come…

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