Essay on Critical Incident Pressure Area Near Miss

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Caroline Barber
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Critical Incident

Pressure Injuries in the Perioperative Environment. Critical Incident Essay 30%
Figure 1 from Walton-Greer, P. (2009). Prevention of Pressure Ulcers in the Surgical Patient. AORN Journal, 89(3), 538-552.

Some key information missing in introduction & conclusion. 3-5
Detailed and focused introduction & conclusion. 6-8
Well developed introduction & conclusion. 9-10
Very well developed & comprehensive introduction & conclusion.

BODY 0-2
Description of event lacked some major detail. 3-5
Descriptions of event mostly clear, but some detail lacking. 6-8
Clear description of event. 9-10
Very clear and succinct description
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I will also discuss the incident in terms of standards, guidelines and legislation. I will outline 4 recommendations for improvement to my practice. I will finish with a conclusion and a look forward to the future of pressure injury care in Australia.


The patient was a 12 year old male child undergoing and emergency open reduction and internal fixation of a right wrist fracture. The child was positioned in the supine position. The procedure was a difficult fixation and done by a registrar so was somewhat longer that the usual time taken to undertake this procedure. No names will be used to protect patient confidentiality. Due to the positioning the patient sustained a near miss pressure injury. The near miss and resultant tissue injury was not discovered until the procedure was completed. I will discuss this incident in full as I proceed through the critical analysis.

Critical Analysis

The purpose of undertaking this assignment is to look at this incident in more detail, and delve into the nursing obligations and duties owed to our patients. It has encouraged me to think more globally and think the issue through in depth. I have found I have had to consider the foundations that underpin my nursing practice. Critical analysis utilises a framework or a methodology to formally process and incident or significant event. The event does not have to be “critical” or even

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