Critical Factors Associated With Military Actions Essay

2162 Words Oct 18th, 2016 9 Pages
This memorandum and accompanying briefing paper have been prepared to provide information on the critical factors associated with using a military option in response to the 21 Aug 2013 use of chemical weapons by the Syrian government. Given the current political environment, presidential approval for any major military offensive will be difficult to achieve. Key issues affecting any decision on us of military force includes the lack of conclusive support for military intervention, proposed military actions challenges, and potential international consequences of any significant military intervention.

2. Despite the deteriorating humanitarian situation in Syria, there is no conclusive international or domestic support calling for the use of military action. There are divided opinions on military strikes as the UN and NATO have failed to pass any authorizations for the use of force, and the Executive Departments have differing views on how to proceed. Additionally, given the President 's adversity to entering into a prolonged conflict, it is important to consider any potential proposal will likely be limited in nature which presents unique challenges and civilian safety concerns. Furthermore, any use of military forces needs to explore the unintended consequences of an undesirable Russian reaction, destabilizing the region and, and overextending the U.S. military risking support for other national obligations. This factors will have greatest influence any proposed…

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