Mental Cases And Exposure By Wilfred Owen

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Literary compositions have the influential capability to depict the punitive truths of warfare and shape the reader's perspective. The harsh realities of war are portrayed through World War 1 poetry composed by Wilfred Owen enhancing the readers understanding of the bleak realities of war and its traumatic effects on the soldiers. The poems “Mental Cases” and “Exposure” illustrates the psychological trauma, the brutality of nature and loss of faith of which the soldiers faced as grim veracity of war, allowing the reader to grasp a firm understanding of the true experience. This further portrays the grim experiences of war in which enhances the reader's knowledge over the subject

War poetry has the influential capability to portrays the harsh
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The poem 'Exposure' composed by Wilfred Owen investigates the ruthlessness of nature, adding to the dread and brutality of the war whilst 'Mental Cases' explores the harsh physical conditions they were compelled to work in and the manner by which it brought upon diseases and ailments among the fighters. “Merciless iced east winds that knive us” quoted in ‘MC’ uses sibilance to to convey the bitter chill of the wind and the sound it makes as it brushes against their unprotected skin. This allows the reader to auditorily connect with the soldiers, of which is also portrayed through inclusive language. The personification of this wind reflects the physical pain of the soldiers brought about in their lack of clothing provisions, providing the audience with an opportunity to reflect upon the power of the wind and the other elements that have such a significant impact on the soldiers. SImilarly, the poem ‘Mental Cases’ explores the grim circumstances of the WWI in the quote “wading sloughs of flesh.” The use of visual imagery reinforces the notion of the distraught scene of which the soldiers worked in, ensuring the audience grasps an understanding of the amount of death within the surroundings due to their mention of flesh. The sibilance in this quote immerses the reader into …show more content…
Comparatively, both poems include reference to faith of which has been lost during the war due to the emotional pain of which the soldiers were confronted with and the amount of sin of which had been occuring around them. The quote “For love of God seems dying” in ‘Exposure’ through the use of biblical allusion suggests that God’s love and purpose for the soldiers has been forgotten as they are perishing and thus are viewing death as inevitable confronting the reader through the severity of the war. In Previous stanzas of this poem, the word love has been repeated in reference to families, houses and other comforts they once experienced whereas in this line, it has been used to juxtaposed against ‘dying’ in depicting the lack of faith and belief in a saviour or for the world to go back to the way it was. ‘MC’ explores this loss of faith in the use of Biblical allusion, “wherefore rock they, purgatorial shadows” reinforcing the confusion faced as though in purgatory and the continuous disillusionment questionable thoughts of the soldiers. This depicts imagery of a mental patient rocking back and forth on a chair of which is metaphorical to the soldiers going back and forward in questioning their lives and their purpose, instigating their loss of belief in

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