Critical Analysis Of Roger Lowenstein's The Immigration Equation

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Rodolfo Bonilla
There is nothing black and white about immigration. There are numerous pieces to the immigration story that we can hear and create perspectives from. However, until one has been faced with such a situation, and walked in the shoes of an immigrant, one will never truly understand the difficult realities that surround this topic. It is critical to hear both sides of the immigration story to accurately gain a perspective that allows one to create critical perspective of such information. In this critical analysis of the Immigration Equation, written by Roger Lowenstein, an American financial journalist and writer, I will utilize the regimes of resistance, regimes of restriction, and immigrant identities to deconstruct what is being discussed in the article and more importantly, what isn’t being said.
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Though this article outlines both, Borjas and Cards perspectives of the impacts of immigration on United States economics, the article also speaks the biased dominant discourse of the white kyriarchy that perpetuates the zone of being, and the zone of not being, that immigrants face as they enter this country and are not allowed to assimilate. Though this discriminant tone is subtle, these are the undertones of the master status that creates the regimes of resistance and restriction, that create the false stereotypes we attach to immigrant

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