Critical Analysis And Recommendations For Strategic Direction

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Section II: Critical analysis and recommendations for strategic direction of the chosen organization.
Current situation - Company background, past performance, and current position.
Findatruckload was established in 2009 by Andrew Bishop and Walter Bishop from trucking industry. In October 2013, the organisation is graduated from SODA boost development programme. The exit was growth oriented after which their sales boosted for 16 months (Findatruckload moves, 2014). The main objective of the company is to decrease carbon emission, improving freight efficiency, and eliminate running empty trucks. At the moment, Findatruckload is operating in growth stage. The total sales revenue is $3 million and has six full time staffs, 200 carriers utilise their empty trucks per month through the website. Findatruckload is used for general freight, heavy carrying, contain wholesale products and livestock. The company is looking for expand in some area such as, livestock, domestic freight, and international shipping, in the future (Doesburg, 2010).

Evaluate the mission statement of chosen company.
The mission statement of Findatruckload is to decrease carbon emission, eliminate empty trucks running, and improve freight efficiency. The reduction of empty trucks running helps carrier companies in the term of saving fuel costs as Walter Omsby says that, “some transport companies have reduced their empty running by over 50% using Findatruckload” (Findatruckload dumps, 2010). This is also…

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