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Crisis Management

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Renault Clio Recall – March 2007

The 1990’s saw the birth of a new supermini car which Renault believed could change the motoring industry and the way we travelled, Renault where right. The Clio to date is one of Europe’s best selling cars in history and is the only car to be voted ‘European Car of the Year’ twice. Renault where growing from strength to strength, it seemed like nothing could get in their way of taking reign of the motoring industry. Its global force and power was incredible, being one of the top car makers in Western Europe. Renault was moving into Asia and North America, with their advertising expenditure reaching over six hundred million, making
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The members have also added a series of details that describe the accidents caused by the bonnet shattering windscreens.

Facebook Group comments:

Happened to me today whilst driving down the M5 in the outside lane! Fortunately managed to slow down and eventually get over to the hard shoulder - but absolutely terrifying! Something has to be done!

Happened to me yesterday on a 50mph road on the way back from my MOT. Scariest thing that’s ever happened in my car I’m still shaken. Doesn’t look like I’ve got a legal leg to stand on though.

This is not the first time the French car maker, Renault has been forced to recall their cars, in Brazil more than 64,000 cars were recalled due to possible brake problems and fuel leaks.

The fault affecting Renault cars first surfaced three years ago, on the television program BBC Watchdog. The investigation found that if the bonnet catch was pulled too hard it could stick in the open position. This put Renault well and truly under pressure, especially after claiming, “There were no construction faults”. Renault’s head of communication left the company in 2007, claiming Renault knew there was a problem with the bonnet catches on as many as 550,000 Renault Clio II models sold between 1998 and 2006. However, Renault has consistently denied there is a manufacturing faulty, saying it is the drivers error that causes the problem. The government agency that

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