Crisis Management Essay

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Responsibilities make sure that things run smoothly and that people are not doing things outside his or her realm of expertise. This leader also serves as the go to person for questions and concerns. Another crisis that I encounter was a fire on my floor a few years ago. An electrical fire was started in a patient‘s room at the light above the patient’s head, next to the oxygen. It happens so fast, once the fire was discovered; nurses wheeled the patients out as quickly as possible using the plan of evacuation for a fire. Removing all patients within the next two rooms, Along with evacuation of the entire floor. The nurse manager automatically ran for the fire extinguisher to demolish the fire. Unlike a regular routine of …show more content…
The difference between success and failure during a crisis often comes down to preparation and communication, which need to happen before, during, and after the initial crisis. A disaster plan is on each floor of a health care organization; it has instruction on how to conduct an emergency evacuation, fire evacuation and how to use a fire extinguisher, and a boom treat evacuation and more. These instructions are there to facilitate patients’ safety. During hurricane Wilma an incident occurred in the health care setting in which I worked. A window in one of the patient’s room blew out while the patients were sleeping. The first form of communication was verbal with force physical action. The patients were told that they had to be moved to a safe location with no choice in the transition. The entire staff on the floor was needed to perform such task from the supervisor to the house keeper. A make shift medication room was set up and nurses took turns to treat patient in the hallways. The communication was clear; less chain of commands dictation of what is need to treat the patients. The floor was maintained with continual participation from the nurse manager to the patient care assistance. Mass traumas usually have more than one high strung situations happening all at once. When there is a trauma alert announcement made in the health care

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