Crisis Management And Emergency Action Plans Essay

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Crisis Management and Emergency Action Plans
The proper emergency response will likely occur when organizations develop detailed emergency action plans. An emergency action plan assigns roles and responses to various emergencies that may result in property damage, property loss, or personal injury. In fact, organizations have a legal duty to develop emergency action plans for every location that teams may use for practice or competition (Doleschal, 2006). In this regard, PEAR’s emergency action plan does not meet the legal duty since the plan offers general guidance on incident response without considering the activity or site. Such as with a tornado warning the club sports’ guidebook directs participants to seek shelter “in designated safe areas at your location” (Carleton College, 2014d, p. 19). Instead, the guidebook should state the specific designated safe area location at each site or reference the PEAR emergency action plan. For instance, the PEAR emergency action plan lists the laundry room, dance studio, and restrooms as tornado shelters for the recreation center (Carleton College, 2014d).
Furthermore, the emergency action plan fails to consider several other important factors. One, all locations need emergency action plans including off-site training facilities. Both the equestrian and hockey clubs use off-campus training sites and yet either site does not have an emergency action plan. Such high-risk activities should receive careful consideration when…

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