Criminological Theories Of Burglary

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In criminology, theories have helped form every characteristic of this nation in understanding crime. In criminology, there is a multitude of different theories on why does criminal activity happen and how to resolve it. Each one of these theories has different elements that make them respectable. There are two different theories that have a major impact on the criminal justice world, these two theories are the self-control theory of crime, often referred to as the general theory of crime and the containment theory. This paper will explain the crime of burglary and explain it. Then develop a criminological theory that is the combination of these two theories. Finally there will be a need to apply this theory to the crime of burglary.
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In understanding burglary there needs to be an examination of the definition as well as an example. Burglary is the unlawful entry into a building for the purposes and intent in committing a crime inside. Typically this offence is theft, but in the majority of jurisdictions this also includes other activities within the field of burglary. Burglary is also referred to as breaking and entering. Burglary is prosecuted as a misdemeanor or a felony and involves trespassing and theft. This furthermore includes entering a building or automobile, or loitering unlawfully with intent to commit any delinquent act, not necessarily a theft. Even if nothing is taken in a burglary, the action is a statutory offense. The unlawful entering of buildings can include sheds, barns, and chicken coops all are considered burglary. The burglary of aircrafts, trucks, boats, and railway cars are also possible. Now that the definition of burglary is explained in detail it would seem helpful to give an example of burglary. An example of burglary would be if a man walked to someone’s house while they were not there and broke the lock on the back door of the house and entered and stole the electronics, which include the television, and jewelry. Since the meaning of burglary has been clarified it is best to now start on the …show more content…
Burglary which is the unlawful entry into a building for the purposes and intent in committing a crime inside. According to this theory those who have low self-control are more likely committing burglary. Burglary is a crime of opportunity and those with low self-control have been at a great risk to commit those crimes. When it comes to the hybrid theory of self-control and containment burglary is one crime that helps better understand this theory. Reckless, creator of the containment theory, suggested that individuals have barriers from crime if they are properly socialized by their parents and peers, and can control himself (Bernard et al., 2010). This is to say that the person will prevent themselves from committing criminal or non-judicial behavior by containing their impulses of self-control. If the individual fails at containing this compulsion of self-control, then the second safeguard, of families or peers, will attempt to deter them by counseling and talking to them (Bernard et al.,

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