Luv: Movie Analysis

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The movie Luv, which was released in 2013, depicts a day in the life of an 11 year old African American boy named Woody. Within this movie, there are multiple key criminological concepts that are touched upon that aid in explaining how this young boy evolved into a life of juvenile delinquency. The first criminological concept to be examined is Sutherland’s Differential Association Theory and his nine propositions which explain in detail how crime is learned. This theory explains that people learn to commit crime as a result of contact with anti-social values, attitudes, and criminal behavior patterns. This proves to be the most prominent concept because it explains how Woody gets involved with delinquency through interactions with his Uncle …show more content…
In this lesson, Vincent teaches Woody how to carry himself in a respectable and professional manner, how to shoot a gun, and drive a car. Vincent also subtly teaches him how to how to lie in order to further push your goals, when he gives the banker a false name to avoid having his convictions brought up. Woody uses this tactic when interviewed by the police. He also teaches Woody that there is always another way to get what you want even if it’s by illegal means. After failing to get funding from the bank, Vincent reverts back to his old ways, and decided to sell drugs to get the money he needs to start his restaurant. He even goes as far as getting Woody to sell the drugs for him because the buyer already knows who Vincent is. Due to this, Vincent is able to corrupt Woody’s definitions of the law.
The next theory that will be under examination is the rational choice theory. This theory states that delinquents are rational decision makers who chose to violate the law. After witnessing a shooting, Woody decides to hide the money made from their drug deal from the police in the forest. After being interrogated by the police, Woody takes off with his uncle’s car and the money to go visit his mother in rehab. Just like the theory states, Woody made this rational decision on his

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