Negligence Manslaughter In Lord Of The Flies, By William Golding

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Criminal negligence manslaughter occurs when someone dies due to a high degree of negligence or recklessness. This crime can include examples similar to texting and driving, the use and abuse of alcohol, and even discharging a firearm. Many of these are unfortunately common crimes that happen in our society. In the book “Lord Of The Flies” by William Golding, all boys who crash landed on an island end up killing their friend Simon on an unfortunate night with lots of confusion and adrenaline.
Though many ask if they were to return for a court hearing, what would a prosecutor charge the boys for the death of Simon? If this was an actual case, Ralph, Piggy, and Jack should have been charged with second-degree murder while the prosecutor should
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In this case, all three boys were the eldest which meant they are an influence to the littluns; they caused all members (minus Simon) to become reckless by …show more content…
Though as always, things do not turn out well and the most important thing is that the boys should be responsible for Simon’s death. That reason is why Ralph, Piggy, and Jack should be charged with second-degree murder because they had not planned to kill Simon individually but at the moment they had one intent which was to murder whatever it was. They had also caused slight panic in all the other boys by creating a mob mentality which makes them more responsible for what happened. The rest of the boys and littluns should have been charged with criminal-negligence manslaughter as they had been reckless due to the way things on the island got handled, especially sensitive things like emotions. There was lots of negligence because they were not taking care of themselves the way they should have and lost all norms that they had grown up like, turning tribal and territorial. These were things that were not accepted by society. Due to all the surroundings, many wonder if killing Simon should have been ruled as an accident and at no charge. Though, when someone like Jack turns practically insane and with very tribal-like traits, it is tough to determine if at one point he knew it was happening but continued because that is who he was beneath all norms and manners. That possibly this is how all the boys are underneath what we

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