Criminal Logistics Essay

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CJ 103

Chapter 1 End Questions 1. Should morality, in and of itself, be considered a sufficient basis for dening particular conduct as criminal? I think by itself morality should not be used as a basis because the definition of morality varies greatly by person and location. What is moral behavior to one person, could also be non-moral behavior for another. 2. What are the chief distinctions between the civil law and the criminal law? Why Do criminal and civil law sometimes overlap? Whether a tort or a crime was committed. One could punch another in the face and commit the crime of battery, thus being criminally prosecuted and or fined or jailed. At the same time the victim can sue for medical bills, and pain and suffering as
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I think yes, because they are still young and maybe it was truly a stupid mistake and if they get into rehabilitation they still have time to turn their life around.

Chapter 2
1. How does the concept of federalism complicate the administration of criminal justice in the United States? Because of the constitutional division between the national, state, and local governements.
2. How do the functions of federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies differ? How are they alike? Federal statute sets those crime penalties nationally, the states can take those and modify them to their likings, local enforces the states as well as local ordinances etc. They all are in the game for the same goal.
3. Compare and contrast the functions of trial and appellate courts. How are they similar? How are they different? Trial courts is where it all begins, they have one judge, based on the facts and evidence the judge then decides, and a jury assists. The appellate courts if necessary go back and reviews the case.
4. What function does a grand jury serve? Does replacement of the indictment unction of grand juries at the state level with prosecutors authorized to charge crimes by filing sworn information impair the rights of citizens charged with crimes? The function of a grand jury is whether or not there is sufficient evidence and a reasonable crime that a person committed. No because a

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