Criminal Justice Technologies Essay

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Job Stress Police officers are called upon to do a job which taps into the best qualities that exist within a human being. The fact that many of them are in uniform places each and every one of their actions in plain view for all to see. The fact that this is a very dangerous job and the constant need for them to display discretion places a great deal of stress on the individual. Despite all the expectations placed on the police officer and the constant need to make very crucial decisions, it must never be forgotten that like every other person, police officer’s are human beings.
Many of these police officer’s have their own families, and on many occasions the job conflicts with their lives at home. These civil
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Also, to prevent injury to themselves and others, the law enforcement officer is at times required to take a life.

Fatigue It is no secret that police officers work long hours which not only tax the physical body but the mind as well. The fact that these law enforcement officer’s (LEO’s) operate at the highest level of alertness and awareness means that an adequate amount of rest is required to regenerate. Although fatigue is human nature, the police officer who is tired places the public at unacceptably high risk. There have been documented incidents where exhausted officers have caused fatalities while chasing fleeing motorists. The fact that these “cops” work in the public is the reason it is imperative that they are not in any way, shape or form fatigued. The decisions police officers are required to make call for them to be well rested. Some of these men and women “moonlight” at second jobs, or work overtime to supplement their income. The current availability of a slew of energy drinks gives personnel a false air of invincibility against fatigue. An officer report’s for a shift with no one aware of how much, if any, sleep they got the previous night or day, so usually the problem is revealed through some type of mishap, or more often than not, disaster. Job stress and fatigue are two problems which affect law enforcement officers quite often, and it is imperative that programs are put

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