Criminal Justice System Is Flawed Essay

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It is hardly debatable that criminal justice system is flawed. There is a significant population that believes in a principle of Blackstone’s formulation set forth by English jurist William Blackstone that express “It is better that ten guilty persons escape than that one innocent suffer.”(Blackstone). In reality, American criminal justice system continues to make wrongful convictions. Innocents are then compelled to serve their punishment in prison. Unless specified by the court, parole eligibility takes place when one third of the time is served in prison. In numerous cases, prisoners are given the choice in between granting parole in exchange of admitting guilt or remaining imprisoned and upholding the truth. A parole board should help prisoners rehabilitate in the society. It is not the place for adjudication as to whether a prisoner is guilty or not. Further, if there is a substantial evidence of innocence, and if prisoners have kept their etiquette during their term, admitting guilt should not be the factor of deciding whether to grant a prisoner parole or not.

Confessions made by prisoners to a parole board are often unreliable. Many prisoners now know that admission of guilt is the vital process in obtaining a freedom.
Prisoners who refused to profess their guilt were deemed to be “in denial” and therefore poor candidates to pursue law-abiding lives on the streets even under parole supervision.As a result, parole boards began to rely on statements accepting…

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