Criminal Justice System: Crime Control Model And Due Process Model

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arniesha Jenkins
January 21, 2016
Mae Conley
CJ 500
According to the book, justice is the principle of fairness; the ideal of moral equity. There are many different types of justice, such as social justice, civil justice, and criminal justice. Social justice is the ideal that embraces all aspects of civilized life and is linked to fundamental notions of fairness and cultural beliefs about right and wrong. Civil justice is fairness in relationships between citizens , government agencies , and businesses in private matters. Criminal justice is the criminal law, law of criminal procedure, and the array of procedures and activities having to do with the enforcement of the body of law. Criminal justice cannot be separated from social
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Constitution and generally understood to mean the due course of legal proceedings according to the rules and forms established for the protection of individual rights. In criminal proceedings, due process of law is generally understood to include the following basic elements: a law creating and defining the offense, an impartial tribunal having jurisdictional authority over the case, accusation in proper form, notice and opportunity to defend, trial according to established procedure, and discharge from all restraints obligations unless convicted. The criminal justice system has two models crime control model and due process model. The crime control model values the arrest and conviction of criminal offenders. Due process is intended to ensure that innocent is not convicted of crimes. It requires a careful and informed consideration of the facts of each individual case. Under this model, police are required to recognize the rights of suspects during arrests, questioning and handling. Prosecutors and judges must recognize constitutional and other guarantees during trial and the presentation of evidence. The two goals of crime control and due process are often believed to be conflicting goals. American criminal justice critics argue that often the practice of justice is concerned with the crime control at the expense of due …show more content…
The enhanced UCR/NIBRS system collects several details about each criminal incident. The information included is the weapon used, type, place of occurrence, and value of property damaged or stolen, the personal characteristics of the offender and victim, the disposition of the complaint, and the nature of any relationship between the two. The system also collects data on an expanded array of characteristics involved in the commission of offenses, whether the offender is suspected of using drugs, alcohol, narcotics, or a computer in commission of the offense. The goals introduced under UCR/NIBRS are to enhance the quality, quantity, and timeliness of crime data collection by law enforcement agencies and improve the methodology used for compiling, auditing, analyzing, and publishing the collected data. If the information from UCR/NIBRS and NCVS are combined; we would be able to see some kind of pattern of the crimes being commited. The data combined should show that most crimes occur among members of the same race. There might be some truth to crime is more a function of inner city locations than of

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