Compare And Contrast The Crime Control Model

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One main reasons for these types of models in our country today is to deter crime, protect the citizens from wrongdoers, and receive justice. When addressing both the crime control model and the due process model they have these things in common with one another.
The crime control model is used to help deter crime. However, the punishments for criminals within this process are much more severe. The crime control model was created in order apprehend and convict. With this model would come more jails, prisons, punishments, higher need for the death penalty. With this model there is no second chance, in other words, for this model I describe it as shoot first, ask questions later. When it comes to the suspects it is known that the police are more relied upon than the court would be on the innocence of a person. But if this were the case it seems to me that the offender might as well be using a model (locked up and throw away the key) that already finds them guilty with out a trial.
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There are some differences when it comes to how to punish the offenders. The Due process also is used in order to protect the citizens from wrongdoers. Only one exception is that the offenders are being protected as well as the rest of our society. The process is one of the methods that are used to protect any individual from the powers of the state. This is a model that has created a second chance method. The process realizes that not all wrong doers should be allowed a second chance but is willing to try anyway. The thought of one innocent man to be convicted and sent through the crime control model and punished is more upsetting than letting a few go free. The due process model was created to help wing out those who are willing to change their ways and live right and enjoy the freedoms that we do

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